Man Found Guilty in 2016 DeKalb County Crash that Killed Passenger

Man Found Guilty in 2016 DeKalb County Crash that Killed PassengerSource: Google Street View
Marc Washington
Published on December 09, 2023

A 58-year-old man has been found guilty for his role in a fatal 2016 crash that ended the life of his passenger in DeKalb County, authorities said. Dwayne Edward Weaver received a conviction on December 7 for first-degree homicide by vehicle in the death of 61-year-old Forrest Kelly. The conviction follows a judgment that shines a spotlight on the lethal consequences of aggressive driving.

As per the DeKalb County District Attorney’s Office, the deadly sequence of events unfolded in the U.S. Highway 78, when Weaver, driving a Nissan Titan truck, was tailgating Kevin Graves, who was also eastbound. When Weaver made an aggressive maneuver to pass on the shoulder, he struck the rear of Graves' car as they neared the Silver Hill Road overpass, according to a statement obtained by FOX5 Atlanta. The ill-judged attempt to overtake consequently led to Weaver losing control, with devastating repercussions.

The force of the impact caused Weaver's truck to strike another vehicle, hit the median wall and finally slam into the guardrail. The crash had a brutal aftermath; neither Weaver nor Kelly were wearing seatbelts. Kelly sustained critical injuries and was later pronounced dead at Grady Memorial Hospital. Adding to the tragic narrative, the driver, Weaver, was tailgating. Graves left the scene and was later convicted of failing to report an accident.

Weaver's trial concluded with the jury's decision echoing the gravity of his reckless driving. Claire Chaffins, a DeKalb District Attorney’s Office spokeswoman, confirmed the verdict, with sentencing set to be delivered later this month. The conviction emphasizes the painful costs of traffic violations, not only in the eyes of the law but also in the toll it extracts on human life, as detailed by the AJC.

The case serves as a stark reminder of the ripple effects caused by a moment's negligence behind the wheel. Judge Stacey Hydrick will set a date for Weaver's sentencing, concluding a legal process that has spanned years and rippled through the lives of everyone involved. As the community reflects, the roads carry on, indifferent to the tragedies they host, yet they are made safer through the enforcement of justice in cases such as Weaver's.