Massachusetts Readies for Potent Storm, Gale-Force Winds and Deluge to Disrupt Boston Commute

Massachusetts Readies for Potent Storm, Gale-Force Winds and Deluge to Disrupt Boston CommuteSource: Unsplash/ NASA
Benjamin Cortez
Published on December 09, 2023

Massachusetts residents are bracing for a potent storm set to strike late this weekend, promising gale-force winds along with a deluge expected to disrupt Monday morning's commute. Today's mostly cloudy skies hint at tougher weather ahead, with the National Weather Service forecasting a high near 52 and mild south winds for the region.

Holiday decorations could be at risk as the weekend's milder weather gives way to turbulent conditions. "As warm moves in, we start stirring up some showers," Boston 25 Meteorologist Shiri Spear warned, indicating that rain might begin as early as Sunday afternoon. With the south wind picking up to 16 to 21 mph and potential gusts up to 31 mph by then, the scene for the incoming storm is set.

The main event hits Sunday night into Monday when a low-pressure and cold front system rolls in over Massachusetts. "Rain and wind set to peak Monday morning," Spear noted in her forecast, signaling a challenging start to the week with "downpours, we have damaging winds, there might be debris on the roadway." The inclement weather is expected to reach full intensity just as commuters hit the roads, with a high probability of power outages reported by Boston 25 News.

Specifically, Cape Cod and the Islands may see wind gusts hitting a staggering 65 mph, while Boston, the North Shore, and the South Shore could witness gusts of about 55 mph. The rest of Massachusetts isn't spared either, with wind speeds possibly reaching 45 mph. In response, the Steamship Authority is waiving fees for changes and cancellations starting at noon Sunday through Monday, bearing in mind that ferry services to Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket will likely be disrupted. This proactive measure reflects the authorities' anticipation of not mere inclement weather but a disruptive storm capable of altering the brittle fabric of day-to-day life.

Following Monday's storm, the National Weather Service predicts a slight chance of lingering showers in the early afternoon, though conditions will clear up by nightfall, leading into a sunny Tuesday with highs at an expected 44 degrees. Winds will persist but should moderate into a more gentle reminder of the storm's passage as the week progresses.