NorthShore and Edward-Elmhurst Health Unveil 'Endeavor Health' Brand in Strategic Chicagoland Rebranding Move

NorthShore and Edward-Elmhurst Health Unveil 'Endeavor Health' Brand in Strategic Chicagoland Rebranding MoveSource: Google Street View
Richard M. Sullivan
Published on December 06, 2023

Two years post-merger, the unified entity of NorthShore University Health System and Edward-Elmhurst Health decided to drop their former names in favor of the much sleeker 'Endeavor Health', as per announcements made Tuesday. This rebrand is more than just surface-deep; it's a strategic move to solidify their identity as a singular, dominant healthcare provider in the Chicagoland area.

In an attempt to seamlessly merge themselves into the fabric of the local healthcare scene, the newly minted Endeavor Health will be looking to steadily change their signage over the next couple of years. All this while maintaining the original names of their nine current hospitals, aiming to create a coherent brand without sacrificing the heritage and recognition of individual institutions. CEO Gerald "J.P." Gallagher told Crain's Chicago Business, "This (rebrand) is sort of the most concrete example of how we are one family."

Endeavor Health clinches the spot as the third-largest health system in Illinois, in terms of both revenue and workforce size, according to company statements. With around 27,000 employees, including over 7,100 physicians and advanced practice providers, they cater to nearly 1.4 million patients across 300 care locations. All while embodying strength in numbers, a counter to the rising costs and labor shortages plaguing the healthcare sector, says Gallagher, as obtained from a statement to Chicago Business.

In a fiscal tug-of-war, Endeavor experienced a substantial $734.4 million hit to its balance sheet in 2022. Still, Gallagher has stated he's optimistic to hopefully see the system break even this year. Keeping an eye forward, there are expansion plans in the Chicago area, with a pronounced push for growth in 2024, starting with a significant focus on Swedish Hospital in Lincoln Square, as reported by Crain's. Moreover, a $67 million heart institute in Naperville is on the drawing board, aimed at bolstering the local cardiovascular treatment infrastructure.

Amidst continuous evolution, Endeavor Health isn't shying away from playing the long game. The health system has poured more than $10.6 million into dozens of community partnerships, as noted in The Chicago Tribune. These are investments intended not only for the growth of their brand but also for the long-term benefit of the communities in which they serve. This multi-million-dollar endeavor demonstrates the brand's commitment beyond the brick-and-mortar aspects of healthcare provision.