Portillo's Second Drive-Thru Only Location Set to Open in Rosemont on December 12

Portillo's Second Drive-Thru Only Location Set to Open in Rosemont on December 12Source: Google Street View
Damon R. Sheffield
Published on December 08, 2023

Rosemont, get ready for quick eats—Portillo's is paving a new path in suburban dining. The iconic chain known for its Chicago-style hot dogs and Italian beef will cut the ribbon on its second drive-thru-only location at 10290 West Higgins Road on December 12, a slight push back from its initially planned date. Journal Topics reported that the festivities are rescheduled to run from 9:45 to 11 a.m., ushering in a modern twist to fast food service.

Portillo's is not just expanding; it's innovating, and Rosemont is the stage for this fresh act, with this joint being the 48th in Illinois and they're marking the territory without the hallmark spacious dining area, instead swapping it out for three efficient drive-thru lanes, each leading patrons towards a swift pickup—a concept that debuted about a year ago in Joliet. NBC Chicago notes that despite this downsized footprint, the mouth-watering full menu remains unchanged. Fans of the chain can grab their classic favorites without setting foot inside.

Wrapped up in the deal bringing this Portillo's to life is BRE Mannheim, LLC. Alongside the village itself and the chain, they have cooked up this latest enterprise on the once-familiar site of the Pine Grove restaurant, which closed doors, allowing Rosemont Village to scoop up the lot for $1.1 million and, in turn, passing on the baton to BRE to call in Portillo's.

Expectations aren't on the low side either, with Rosemont Mayor Brad Stephens touting the new Portillo's as a potential cash cow that could funnel millions into the local economy and beef up tax revenue—this isn't a vision for crumbs; it's a forecast for a feast of financial influx, in a prediction extracted from an interview by Journal Topics.