San Diego Shaken, Midnight Quake of 4.8 Rattles Beds Far and Wide

San Diego Shaken, Midnight Quake of 4.8 Rattles Beds Far and WideSource: USGS Earthquakes
Ben J. Costas
Published on December 04, 2023

A swarm of earthquakes, including a notable 4.8 shaker, gave residents across the San Diego area a midnight stir, firing off seismic activity felt far and wide. According to, the initial quake, striking 7 miles east of Ocotillo just before the witching hour Thursday, set off a series of tremors that kept the region on edge. Three smaller aftershocks soon followed, keeping locals on their toes well into the morning.

More than just a bump in the night, the quake was deep enough to rattle residents as far north as Porter Ranch and into Arizona, as reported by NBC San Diego. With the temblor's epicenter nestled in the Yuma Desert and no immediate reports of damage, it was the earth's midnight secret felt over 200 miles away.

As the earth grumbled, smaller quakes dotted the early morning timeline. A 2.6-magnitude quake discreetly made its presence known at 2:40 a.m., followed by a 3.4-magnitude jolt roughly two and a half hours later. The seismic activity persisted with another 2.6 trembler and was capped off by a 3.5 magnitude quake at 7:51 a.m., as detailed

With the San Jacinto Fault Zone pulsing beneath, the largest quake's shallow 5.5-mile depth, according to NBC San Diego, underscored an unpredictability sewn into the fabric of California life. Despite the surprise, authorities haven’t flagged any significant damage, sparing homes and lives with the earth's gentle mercy this time around.

While doorframes have lost their place as safe havens, Californians are reminded to 'drop, cover, and hold on' under sturdy furniture when the earth decides to dance. Preparation is key, with families encouraged to bolt down heavy items, curate emergency kits, and plan how they'll reconnect when cell towers fall silent.