San Francisco CVS Festoons Shattered Storefront Post Brazen ATM Heist, Police Seek Suspects

San Francisco CVS Festoons Shattered Storefront Post Brazen ATM Heist, Police Seek SuspectsSource: Google Street View
Nina Singh-Hudson
Published on December 08, 2023

Thieves used a truck to bash into a San Francisco CVS storefront in an early morning heist on Friday that ended with them fleeing with an ATM, authorities and staff reported. Following the robbery, employees used festive gift wrap to conceal the wreckage of what was once their entrance, eye-catching in its makeshift nature yet a somber reminder of the night's chaos.

As detailed by The SF Standard, the brazen crime occurred around 2:48 a.m. at the CVS on 32nd Avenue in the typically quiet Outer Richmond neighborhood. Witnesses shared images showing a battered Lottery machine, toppled shelves, and products littering the store floor. The store, now closed to the public, remains a scene of disarray with no indication of its reopening.

In an incident that rings unsettlingly familiar to other San Francisco businesses, a group of five individuals ram-raided the CVS, swiftly hauling away the ATM in another getaway vehicle. Police are actively investigating but have yet to bring anyone into custody. The CVS has not officially commented on the matter, leaving the community with the visual aftermath and a growing sense of unease.

According to a post from a local journalist, repair crews have swarmed the scene with attempts to piece back the splintered entrance. An SFPD statement uncovers that the miscreants tried to steal the ATM shortly before 3 a.m., with the perpetrators ultimately succeeding in their aim despite initial challenges.