San Francisco Doctor and Mother-in-Law Face Fraud Charges in Multimillion-Dollar Insurance Scheme

San Francisco Doctor and Mother-in-Law Face Fraud Charges in Multimillion-Dollar Insurance SchemeSource: Google Street View
Tony Ng
Published on December 07, 2023

San Francisco's medical community is reeling from charges against one of its pain management doctors and his mother-in-law for allegedly running a complex insurance fraud scheme. The district attorney's office dropped the hammer, accusing Dr. Gary Martinovsky and Raisa Rikoshinsky of bilking insurers out of millions with bogus medical liens, double billing, and phantom services.

According to District Attorney Brooke Jenkins, the duo slammed the workers' compensation system, seeking payouts for bills that either were already settled or fabricated entirely. "Medical provider fraud is a major cost driver for Workers Compensation insurance in our State," Jenkins said. "These scams serve to enrich unscrupulous providers while driving up costs for the rest of us."

In the meticulous web of deceit outlined by prosecutors, Martinovsky's Integrated Pain Care filed over 3,000 liens, demanding payment for nonexistent or already-compensated services worth nearly $30 million. The scale of their operation was second only to the Employment Development Department in terms of liens filed in California.

Authorities caught wind of the scam through diligent probing by the Economic Crimes Unit of the DA's office, with a boost from the California Department of Insurance. Martinovsky and Rikoshinsky, if found guilty of all the charges, could be facing upwards of five years in the state penitentiary. The alleged fraudsters are set to be arraigned this upcoming January, when they'll answer the 40 counts stacked against them.

The DA's office is encouraging anyone with more information to step forward and has provided a tip line for anonymous sources.