Tim Gerber Bids Adieu to KSAT and Journalism After Two Decades

Tim Gerber Bids Adieu to KSAT and Journalism After Two DecadesSource: Instagram/timgerber_ksat
Drew Archer
Published on December 04, 2023

Veteran news anchor Tim Gerber announced that he is leaving KSAT and also retiring from a career in journalism, according to a statement obtained by Express News. Gerber, known for his work as an investigative reporter with the KSAT Defenders team, is set to depart in January following a two-decade tenure at the station.

Gerber notes that his decision was years in the making. "This wasn’t a snap decision made in a vacuum. It’s one I’ve wrestled with probably for the past 5 years. It was also the subject of many conversations with my wife about our future," he says in the social media post. "The discussions began in earnest in the wake of my mother-in-law’s passing in 2021 from a devastating terminal illness. That year, my wife temporarily moved back to Ohio to help care for her mom. It was a life-changing experience for all of us." Gerber confided in My San Antonio.

Faced with the profound loss of his mother-in-law in 2021 and the ensuing deep family care roles that arose, it seemingly caused Gerber to reassess his priorities and ultimately choose to rapidly shift back home.

Gerber's announcement has drawn an outpouring of support from his colleagues, who have been sharing their memories and well wishes with him. "Beautiful message and great memories, Tim! It was great working with you. Familia is everything and I’m excited for your new adventure," echoed his colleague, Tiffany Huertas, according to a My San Antonio report. Justin Horne, a meteorologist at KSAT, also chimed in, saying, "One of the best! It was an honor to work with you KSAT Tim Gerber. Family is everything! Happy for you man!"

"Being a reporter has truly given me a front-row seat to history," he recalled. With an impressive career that began at WMUB, a public radio station licensed to Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, back in 1994, Gerber climbed the ranks from radio to TV, eventually making his home at KSAT in 2004. Now, almost twenty years later, he has decided to retire and settle back into home life, as detailed by Express News.