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UMass Amherst Launches Hassle-Free Guest Wireless Access Via Text-Message PINs

UMass Amherst Launches Hassle-Free Guest Wireless Access Via Text-Message PINsSource: Wikipedia/Jon Platek, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Benjamin Cortez
Published on December 08, 2023

UMass Amherst can now tap into the campus's wireless network with ease, thanks to a new service rolled out by the university's Information Technology department. No more waiting for a faculty member to vouch for you; a simple text message is all it takes to get connected.

Providing details on the update, UMass IT has introduced a self-registration service that lets guests join the UMASS wireless network by receiving a PIN via text, as per UMass Website. After selecting the UMass network, visitors just need to punch in their cellphone number, and within moments, they'll get a text containing a PIN that's good for a week's worth of browsing.

"We're excited to offer this straightforward and secure way for campus guests to access the UMass Amherst wireless network," Mike Dickson, UMass Amherst IT network engineer, spelled out the simplicity of the process. "It's a user-friendly solution designed to make the process easier and more efficient for our visitors.", as stated on the UMass Website.

This latest initiative complements the current system, wherein students, faculty, and staff can create sponsored guest accounts via SPIRE for visitors requiring network access. While the new option grants instant connectivity, SPIRE account setup still needs to be done in advance by a UMass community member, the IT department emphasized.

It's not just guests who benefit from network improvements. The routine of connecting to the university's secured wireless network, eduroam, remains unaltered for students, faculty, and staff with NetIDs. They have been strongly encouraged to continue using eduroam for their daily internet needs, ensuring they stick to the most secure option available on campus.

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