Yule-Tide Yeehaws, The Alamo Takes San Antonio Back To Festive 1800s With A Homespun Holiday Bash

Yule-Tide Yeehaws, The Alamo Takes San Antonio Back To Festive 1800s With A Homespun Holiday BashSource: The Alamo
Jesse Hoffman
Published on December 03, 2023

It's beginning to look a lot like the mid-1800s at the Alamo, where a Texas-sized dose of nostalgia has taken over, giving visitors the chance to journey back to a homemade Christmas. This Saturday, the iconic landmark is throwing it way back to the days of frontier festivities, as reported by Fox San Antonio.

From 9 a.m. to a festive 4 p.m., folks are still welcome to swing by the Alamo Gardens and get hands-on with some old-timey Christmas cheer. No iPads, no iPhones, just the pure joy of crafting yarn dolls, Victorian greeting cards, and pomander balls that reek of citrus and cloves—activities destined to make the kids forget to even ask for Wi-Fi. The Alamo's official website promises a slew of living history demonstrations that'll vividly resurrect traditions of yore.

Strains of carolers carrying tunes through the air, stories of Christmases past spun by an animate storyteller, and artisans showcasing the meticulous arts of candy making, blacksmithing, and leatherworking are part of the rich tapestry of experiences that the day has to offer. It's a perfect escape into yesteryear for those who crave the simplicity and warmth of a time unhurried by modern trappings.

And for those looking to somewhat sneak some shopping into the mix, the Alamo Gift Shop is throwing open its doors with unique finds like the Official 2023 Alamo Christmas Ornament and the quaint Bella The Alamo Cat Ornament. As the day's festive turn approaches, visitors can meander through history and also tick off a few names from their Christmas lists—a harmonious blend of celebration and pragmatism.

This little holiday excursion doesn't cost a penny to attend, ensuring that the spirit of giving is truly in the air. "A Homemade Christmas is free and open to the public, offering an enriching experience for families and individuals alike," echoes the sentiment shared by Fox San Antonio. So, if you fancy an afternoon steeped in tradition and genuine good cheer, saddle up and head down to the Alamo today. This throwback Christmas party is sure to be one for the books—or at least, for the history books that celebrate the festivity of Texas past.