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Published on February 22, 2024
Anaheim Con Artist Charged Again for Illegal Botox Clinic Setup in Brea Weeks After ReleaseSource: Orange County, Office of the District Attorney

An Anaheim con artist who recently did time for masquerading as a doctor and doling out unlicensed Botox and other cosmetic procedures is back in hot water, charged with trying to set up another dodgy aesthetics shop. Elias Segoviano, 63, who was released from the slammer less than two weeks ago, was caught attempting to sublet a space for a new beauty business in Brea, evidently undeterred by his stint behind bars for targeting Spanish-speaking women with fake medical treatments.

Segoviano, who was nabbed last July at his so-called 'Botox in Anaheim' storefront, spent a paltry one year and four months of a four-year sentence before hitting the streets again, and this time, he was busted trying to rent space at the very same Phenix Salon Suites franchise, but in a different city, offering Botox injections and face thread lifts which are strictly for the medically licensed – which he is certainly not, according to the Orange County District Attorney's Office.

"This man walked the walk and talked the talk of being a licensed medical professional, but he was anything but what he pretended to be," said Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer, who described Segoviano's deceit as a brazen disregard for the trust placed in him by unsuspecting women seeking cosmetic enhancements. Spitzer added that the fact Segoviano reoffended so quickly "makes it painfully obvious that he has no intention of changing his behavior and he will continue to try to make money off unsuspecting women every chance that he gets."

Investigators from the Orange County District Attorney's office sprang into action after a tip-off that Segoviano was at it again, quickly uncovering evidence of his scheme to swindle more women with fake credentials and potentially dangerous procedures, despite the man's recent brush with justice, he shamelessly pressed on using aliases and advertising his bogus services on social media platforms, the charges include two felony counts of unauthorized practice of medicine and a misdemeanor for false representation as a medic, as reported by the  Orange County District Attorney's Office.