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Published on February 29, 2024
Berkeley Police Thwart Theft, Recover Stolen Goods After Pursuit on AdelineSource: Berkeley Police Department

Earlier this month, a routine day for Berkeley shoppers quickly turned into a scene straight out of a cops-and-robbers chase when Berkeley Police Department officers responded to a theft at a local business. The incident, which unfolded in the 2800 block of Adeline, saw a brazen suspect trying to make a getaway with stolen goods packed in a suitcase.

According to a post on the Berkeley Police Department's Facebook page, the suspect was spotted leaving the store, luggage in tow. When the police arrived, the would-be thief decided to run for it, leading officers on a short but frantic chase through the streets. The pursuit, however, was short-lived and the police managed to apprehend the suspect nearby.

The suspect's failed attempt to vanish with the merchandise was thwarted, and the stolen items were recovered. As detailed by the Berkeley Police, "The suspect’s suitcase was recovered, which contained stolen merchandise." This swift action by the officers ensured that what could have been a successful theft became a stark reminder that crime, even with a seemingly simple plan, does not always pay.

Following the recovery, the suspect faced more than just the end of their illegal escapade – they were also positively identified and arrested, putting a full stop to any forthcoming plans of pilferage. Even as the suspect's short sprint of freedom ended, the recovered goods stand testament to the diligence of Berkeley’s finest, who ensure that the law catches up, no matter the speed of the chase.