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Published on February 25, 2024
Celebrating National Library Lovers Month, Maple Grove Library Among Many Lauded in MinnesotaSource: Facebook/City of Maple Grove, MN - Local Government

Residents who cherish the hallowed halls of their local book nooks have reason to celebrate – it's National Library Lovers Month. The Maple Grove Library, a stone's throw from the city offices, is just one of many such sanctuaries getting a well-deserved tip of the hat for their service to the leaf-turners and knowledge-seekers of the state.

Running the numbers, the Minnesota Department of Education reports a whopping 3.3 million library patrons in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. Last year, they tallied an impressive 13.5 million library visits – a testament to the cultural staples libraries have become – frequented by both young and old alike. This data was shared in a recent social media post made by the city of Maple Grove.

Across Minnesota's plains and cities, the banners of literacy are held high by 129 central libraries, 228 branches, and a fleet of nine roving bookmobiles, bringing the written word to people where they're planted. This spread of knowledge centers establishes a network of enlightenment—a veritable lifeline to those thirsting for the escape of a good book or the pursuit of scholarly quests.

In recognition of the tireless advocates for literature and learning, a hearty thanks is being extended to all the librarians, staff, and volunteers. Keeping the shelves stocked and the pages turning, they breed a culture of curiosity and mutual respect – proving once again that, despite the rise of digital media, the library remains a cornerstone in the architecture of our communities.