Cloud Covered Streets in the Valley Provides Fresh Starts, Extra Care Housing in Derbyshire

Cloud Covered Streets in the Valley Provides Fresh Starts, Extra Care Housing in DerbyshireSource: Facebook/Cloud Covered Streets
Kim Tran
Published on February 12, 2024

In the heart of the Valley, humanity is teeming in the form of hot showers and clean laundry, as Cloud Covered Streets, a local organization, unfurls its arms not just with water but also with compassion. Robert Thornton, the founder, watches as change washes over those who need it most saying, "They get to shower and they come out completely a new person," according to an interview with ABC15. The group's mobile shower unit, zigzagging around several times a week, delivers more than just a rinse; it offers proof of care to those often overlooked.

Thornton's team doesn't stop with showers, their ambition is as expansive as the skies above - since their start in 2020, they've clocked in over 20,000 showers, 6,000 haircuts, and handed out 3,000 loads of laundry; transforming lives beyond the superficial. "If you're not living your life where you are trying to make other people's lives better, you're missing the point," Thornton told ABC15. Cloud Covered Streets’ survival and success is hinged on donations and volunteers, details of how to contribute to this cause can be found on their website.

On a similar note of compassion, across the pond in Derbyshire, UK, another beacon of support shines for the elderly and vulnerable with the provision of extra care housing, a tailored solution for those seeking independence without forgoing necessary support. Shared or rented accommodations with an onsite staff available 24/7 represents not just a shelter but a community – equipped with a restaurant, hairdressers, and the technology required to adapt to residents' needs.

Derbyshire Government's official website details the housing options available including Whitfield House, Stonelow Court, Oakland Village, and several others, which join force in offering "your own attractive, self-contained independent accommodation suitable for couples and individuals," ensuring residents feel secure and supported. Those interested in these supportive living arrangements can explore eligibility and application processes through their local district and borough councils, information on which can be found through Derbyshire’s government page.