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Published on February 02, 2024
Connie Corona Ascends as Interim Executive Director of Texas Public Utility CommissionSource: Public Utility Commission of Texas

The power play at the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) gears up as Connie Corona takes the helm as interim executive director, stepping in after Thomas Gleeson's move up the ladder, courtesy of Gov. Greg Abbott who tapped him as chairman in late January, the agency confirmed Thursday.

Corona, a PUCT veteran since '97, climbed the ranks from a policy analyst sharpening her focus on the Texas Electric Choice Act that revolutionized the state's electricity market. Now stepping into a leadership role that she is no stranger to after spearheading key divisions since 2020; Market Analysis, Consumer Protection, Infrastructure, Legal, Utility Outreach, Compliance & Enforcement, Rules and Projects, Rate Regulation were under her watch, as per the statement obtained by KXAN.

Armed with a Bachelor of Science in Economics from the University of North Texas, Corona has been in the regulatory ringside, reading the pulses of policy and market trends, and even had a stint at NRG's regulatory affairs department, further polishing her executive armor, according to details by the Odessa American.

The Austin local, who juggles her professional feats with family life, raising three kids alongside her hubby Bob, also dedicates her time as Secretary of the Executive Board for the State Agency Council to the Governor's Commission for Women, her roots and community ties running deep, showcasing a blend of expertise and loyalty to the region she serves, this balancing act is a testament to the breadth of her involvement and imprint on the Texan civic and energy landscapes.