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Published on February 25, 2024
Dallas to Experience Sunny Days with Warm Temperatures Before Midweek ChillSource: National Weather Service

Dallas residents can look forward to a warm and sunny start to the week, according to the latest weather reports. Today's temperatures are set to reach a comfortable high near 84 degrees with a steady south-southwest wind blowing at around 15 mph, and occasional gusts pushing higher, up to 25 mph. The warm weather continues into the night, with forecasts predicting a mostly clear sky and low temperatures around 57 degrees.

As the workweek kicks off, Monday promises even higher temperatures, soaring near 91 degrees. Winds are expected to maintain their strength, blowing from the south-southwest at 5 to 15 mph and potentially reaching gusts as high as 20 mph. Moving into Monday night, the sky will turn mostly cloudy, and the breeze will pick up, with gusts that could escalate to as much as 30 mph while the low settles in at around 66 degrees, according to weather forecasts.

The trend of mostly cloudy skies extends into Tuesday, with the high nearing 85 degrees. It's accompanied by a consistent south wind traveling at about 15 mph, and gusts once again could sweep through the area at speeds up to 25 mph. A significant shift is expected Tuesday night, as the low plunges nearly 40 degrees down to around 46. This temperature drop will accompany a change in wind direction, shifting from south wind to west-northwest post-midnight, with gusts that remain robust, potentially gusting up to 30 mph.

Midweek brings another wave of change, as Wednesday's high plummets to an expected 55 degrees amidst mostly cloudy conditions. The north-northwest wind persists, blowing at a clip of 15 to 20 mph, with, gusts as high as 30 mph. A partial reprieve comes Wednesday night as skies clear up a bit, but the chilly air remains with lows dipping to about 37 degrees.

Thursday might greet Dallas with a slight chance of showers after noon, presenting a 20 percent possibility. Outside of any rainfall, the sun should be out in force, leading to a high of around 56 degrees. The wind, adopting an east-southeast direction, will be milder at around 10 mph. Overnight into Thursday, the city sees partly cloudy conditions and a low hovering near 40.

Finishing off the workweek, Friday's forecast is for pure sunshine and a high near 67, followed by a Friday night that's equally clear with temperatures dropping to around 49 degrees. The weekend seems to open up pleasantly for any outdoor plans with a mostly sunny Saturday and high expected to be around 74 degrees. Dallas citizens and visitors alike can enjoy a range of weather throughout the week from warm breezes to brisk nights, each with their own character and comfort.

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