Experts Share Skunk Season Strategies as New York Prepares for Strong Odors

Experts Share Skunk Season Strategies as New York Prepares for Strong OdorsSource: Unsplash/ Bryan Padron
Jesse Hoffman
Published on February 12, 2024

New Yorkers might have to hold their noses as skunk mating season hits its peak, and experts are sharing tips on how to sidestep the potent pungency. From early February to March, the city braces for the special brand of perfume that these amorous critters share with the world - notably when fending off unwanted advances or battling over love interests. According to a report by FOX San Antonio, the increased skunk activity could lead to some seriously stinky encounters.

Skunks, largely misunderstood as mere neighborhood nuisances, actually play a crucial role in curtailing insects and rodents. However, their notorious scent glands can unleash an oily, sulfur-laden stink shot that afflicts victims with an unwanted, lasting aroma, and nobody wants a whiff of that. Creature Control emphasizes that during mating season, a skunk's already strong scent is on overdrive, as males use it to compete for females and mark their territory.

Spotting skunks can be more than just an assault on the senses. These animals are also common carriers of rabies, which can be transmitted to humans and pets through bites. Experts from Creature Control recommend calling professional wildlife removal services if you find skunks on your property, rather than attempting a DIY extraction.

If contact with these striped critters can’t be avoided, and you or your furry companion ends up bearing the brunt of their stink missile, all is not lost. VCA Animal Hospital recommends specialty shampoos such as Skunk Off, to alleviate the smell. And for those skeptical about the efficacy of home remedies, rest easy - tomato juice baths are a myth, as reported by Fox San Antonio.

Prevention is touted as the best strategy against unwanted skunk visits. Securing food sources and deploying motion sensor lights can aid in skunk deterrence. For a comprehensive strategy, Creature Control’s experts can help implement measures to keep these smelly visitors at bay. Whether it’s mating season or not, it’s wise to contact professionals to maintain a skunk-free environment - and olfactory sanity.