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Published on February 26, 2024
Four-Way Stop Sign Installation at Plymouth's Standish, Liberty, and Hall Intersection Aims for SafetySource: Facebook/Plymouth Police Department

Plymouth drivers, brace yourselves for a new stop sign ensemble at a treacherous crossroad known for its fair share of vehicular tumult. In what is deemed a safety upgrade, the intersection of Standish and Liberty/Hall streets will be graced with a four-way stop, demanding that vehicles halt whether heading Northbound or Southbound on Standish Ave. The signs are set to be put up tomorrow, staying under wraps until Thursday — a heads-up before the full-stop regime kicks in.

The police department, in a considerate outreach via their Facebook page, reassured the populace that initial enforcement would hinge on education, saving the strong arm of the law for only the most egregious violations. This approach indicates a town looking to nurture its drivers into compliance, rather than punishing them outright for mistakes during the changeover. Unfortunately, the statement was fraught with a run-on sentence diminishing its clarity.

Authorities are not blind to the small irritations that come with such changes, acknowledging the installation may be viewed as a nuisance. However, they are confident that the new traffic control will inject a dose of moderation into the road's pace — curbing the accident rate at this notorious spot. The local police trust that Plymouth citizens, resilient as ever, will adapt swiftly to the change — deeming it "Not a big deal."

With safety at the forefront, the town anticipates a smoother ride for all, and while the police might don their fluorescent vests to monitor and offer friendly guidance during the bustle of rush hours, and though some might find themselves tapping their brakes in frustration or confusion during the first wave of this transition, the spirit of the message was clear: slow down, learn the ropes, and ultimately, Plymouth, "Be safe!"