Jennifer Tobias-Struski's Ascend to Emmy Award-Winning Producer

Jennifer Tobias-Struski's Ascend to Emmy Award-Winning ProducerSource: Facebook/Jen Tobias-Struski
Susan O'Brien
Published on February 12, 2024

San Antonio's own Jennifer Tobias-Struski has made a name for herself as a dynamic personality on KSAT's SA Live, but her journey to the screen started on the South Side of town. With her high school journalism teacher's encouragement, a 17-year-old Tobias-Struski nabbed her first job in the world of multimedia communications, as reported by KSAT. Raised by a mother she calls "the hardest working woman I know," Tobias-Struski learned early on the value of dedication and sacrifice.

In an interview with KSAT, she said, "She taught me that hard work was necessary." Having started as a video editor—a job she landed through the guidance of EMMY award-winning A. Mario Rios Jr, her high school journalism teacher and former photojournalist—Tobias-Struski quickly realized the rigors of broadcast journalism. Working with a multitude of videos, some distressing in content, she eventually sought to shift away from the cutting room and towards on-air storytelling while pursuing a degree at St. Mary's University.

Tobias-Struski's ambition propelled her from editing to producing, where she found passion. "I would go out on my own time and film my segments, and since it was my show, I had control of what I was shooting," she told KSAT. Her drive didn't stall there; when the opportunity at her first station didn't align with her goals, she moved to Colorado to pursue what she wanted. Not solely defined by her career, she also married and started a family, a chapter that eventually led her back to San Antonio.

With timing that can only be described as serendipitous, KSAT was launching a lifestyles show upon her return. Embracing the role and the chance to highlight uplifting news, Tobias-Struski said in a statement obtained by KSAT, "I was excited to showcase positive news versus all the negative I had to work with. It was a very welcomed shift." Now an EMMY award-winning producer herself, Tobias-Struski's face graces the screen every Monday, bringing viewers segments that focus on family-friendly and human interest stories.

Echoing the ethos that propelled her from the South Side of San Antonio to the local airwaves, Tobias-Struski shared a bit of wisdom for those looking to follow a similar path. "It doesn't matter where you come from or how you were raised; if you have the passion in your heart, you can do anything," she stated in an interview with Live from the Southside. For viewers and aspiring journalists alike, Tobias-Struski stands as a testament to the power of passion and perseverance.