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Published on February 28, 2024
Gabrielle Wolohojian Confirmed to Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Amid Past Ties to Governor HealeySource: Commonwealth of Massachusetts/Gabrielle R. Wolohojian

There's a new judge in town, folks. Gabrielle Wolohojian, copped herself a seat on the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court thanks to a nod from an old flame - none other than Governor Maura Healey. The Boston Globe reports that the Governor's Council gave the green light with a comfortable 6-to-1 vote, despite Wolohojian's past romance with the gov.

Wolohojian sure knows her way around the courtroom, having sat on the appeals court bench for a hefty 16 years, during which she penned 900 decisions and rode herd over about 2,700 cases now, if her old ties with Healey raised a few eyebrows, nobody's outright saying it stinks to high heaven - except maybe Councilor Tara Jacobs, who chucked the lone dissenting vote and aired out some concerns about "insider nominee" level optics, a sentiment echoed in a CBS News report.

As judges go, Wolohojian's credentials seem solid. She's a Columbia Law grad who had a stint on the Whitewater case against old Bill Clinton before hopping over to Hale & Dorr, the shingle now known as WilmerHale - and that was all before she slapped on the robes for Massachusetts. Healey, for her part, swears there's no need for Wolohojian to sit out cases that involve the exec office, says she's got "utmost confidence" in her ex's legal chops.

Still, the new judge has said she'll take any potential conflicts on a case-by-case basis - a tact that has some Council members shying away from prodding too deep during her vetting, fearing the personal overshadowing the professional, and that's saying something given that she's already promised to skip handling certain hot potatoes that might look a bit too cozy.