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Published on February 26, 2024
Gilbert Invites Residents to 'Taco 'bout Parks!' - Free Tacos and Civic Engagement on Civic Center LawnSource: Gilbert, Arizona

Gilbert's citizens are in for a treat with a side of civic engagement as the Parks and Recreation Department serves up Free Taco Tuesday. According to the official announcement, the event, which will take place on February 27th from 3:30 to 6:00 PM on the TV, is more than just about munching on delicious tacos—it's an effort to gather public input on the future of the town's parks. While sinking their teeth into tacos from local food trucks, community members can directly interact with those designing Gilbert Regional Park and Desert Sky Park.

As they navigate through the event, residents will be invited to stop by three informational booths. By doing this, they'll earn the right to score free tacos from the California Taco Shop and Taco Bros. This incentive is sure to spice up the conversation about pending amenities for the ongoing park projects. The thinkers behind the landscaping and architecture—the designers, architects, and decision-makers who are crafting the public spaces—will be on hand to share thoughts and answer questions.

This family-centric fiesta will feature more than just free grub. Young ones and the young at heart can expect to find inflatables, giant slides, and a variety of games to keep the fun going. Plus, local heroes will be rolling out fire trucks and police cars, certain to delight those looking to get up close and personal with first responder vehicles.

Hunter Contracting Co., Haydon, J2 Design, Dig Studio, Abacus PM, Marc Taylor Inc., and BerryDunn are listed as the sponsors who are bringing this community gathering to life. With these companies on board, Gilbert is managing to not just foster a sense of community but to also create a unique platform to discuss the shared spaces that impact everyone's daily lives. The Parks and Recreation Department knows how to throw a party with purpose. So round up the family and let's "TACO 'bout Gilbert Parks!" the event proclamation cheerfully suggests. It's an invitation to chow down, play around, and pitch in on the town's future green spaces—a combo plate that's hard to turn down.