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Published on February 23, 2024
LA Mayor Karen Bass Leads Delegation to Sacramento Seeking State Aid for Homelessness and Public SafetySource: Los Angeles, Mayor Karen Bass

In a move to aggressively tackle the city's persistent homelessness issue, along with bolstering public safety and prepping for forthcoming global events, LA Mayor Karen Bass and various city council members are heading to California's capital to elicit state support. The delegation's mission is to secure crucial state funding and more leniency in how those funds can be applied to the city's urgent needs, according to the City of Los Angeles.

The group looking to sway Sacramento includes Council President Paul Krekorian and council members Bob Blumenfield, Monica Rodriguez, Hugo Soto-Martinez, and Eunisses Hernandez. They aim to quickly build upon their existing relationships with state officials, seeking support on several fronts. This includes handling past emergencies like COVID-19 and the recent tropical storm.

Mayor Bass heaped praise on the partnership with Governor Gavin Newsom and his administration, claiming it has brought progress for Los Angeles. "Our partnership with the state has delivered progress for our city including significant homelessness funding and Homekey awards to build much-needed housing in Los Angeles, recover from crises like the 10 freeway shutdown and Tropical Storm Hilary, and make Los Angeles a safer and more livable city for all," Mayor Bass said, as per the City of Los Angeles.

The delegation is set to meet with several high-profile leaders including Governor Newsom, State Treasurer Fiona Ma, and the heads of both state legislative houses, aiming to further accelerate their push for resources that will help prep Los Angeles for the global spotlight during upcoming world events. Solidifying these enhanced partnerships could mean a difference in how effectively Los Angeles navigates its pressing urban challenges.