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Published on February 26, 2024
Minneapolis Police Implement 'Robbery Pattern Response Protocol' Amid Surge in Juvenile-Led TheftsSource: City of Minneapolis

Minneapolis residents were on high alert as the city was besieged by a series of carjackings and robberies, all believed to be committed by juveniles within hours of one another. The Minneapolis Police Department, determined to clamp down on the rapid succession of crimes Sunday morning, rolled out a new strategy, halting response to non-emergency calls to focus on the crime wave that had erupted in various neighborhoods.

The string of incidents began with four robberies occurring in less than 18 minutes, reported at locations including West Lake Street, Lyndale Avenue, Blaisdell Avenue, and Dupont Avenue. Another two robberies unfolded across the city, marking a harrowing day for local citizens. Minneapolis Police Chief Brian O'Hara stated, "It's a total of four robberies that occurred here in the 5th Precinct, all in less than 18 minutes," according to a CBS News Minnesota report.

To quell the spree, the police executed their new "Robbery Pattern Response Protocol" which involved focused attention on the affected zones. O'Hara explained that this maneuver seemed to temporarily displace the string of crimes, "It does appear the response we had did have the intended effect initially displacing the spree that was happening here and thankfully stopping it for today," he conveyed in a statement obtained by CBS News Minnesota. The robberies follow a similar pattern to a spree that took place two weeks prior, with Minneapolis police suspecting the involvement of two juvenile groups.

One of the victims, Sadie Hansen, recounted the terrifying moment her Mazda was carjacked, "You never really know how you're going to act in a crisis situation," Hansen told FOX 9. "And I mean, the gun when I saw that just all bets were off." Her experience, over in a harrowing 30 seconds, ended with the thieves driving away with her vehicle after she complied with their demands.

Amid the chaos, data from the Minneapolis Police Department shows a stark 40% increase in robberies citywide compared to this time last year. Yet Chief O'Hara urges the public to prioritize safety over possessions, stating, "If you happen to be a victim of one of these crimes remember that property can be replaced," in an interview with CBS News Minnesota. The police encourage anyone who witnesses suspicious activity, such as teens circling a neighborhood in stolen vehicles, to report it by calling 911 immediately.