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Published on February 22, 2024
Pleasanton Community's Vigilance Leads to Arrest of Livermore Man on Privacy Invasion ChargesSource: Google Street View

The Pleasanton community has made its mark by playing a pivotal role in apprehending a suspect accused of a disturbing crime. Jesus Castro-Leon, a 26-year-old Livermore resident, was arrested by the Pleasanton Police Department on charges of sexual battery and invasion of privacy following a horrendous incident that occurred in a local grocery store bathroom.

"This is a sensitive case," explained Lieutenant Erik Silacci in a statement. The community's effort to identify the perpetrator did not go unnoticed, "and we thank the community for their responsiveness in helping identify the suspect." The arrest was a direct result of the valiant attempt by the victim to bring her assailant to justice. She filed an immediate report which triggered the sequence of events leading to the suspect's detention, according to an announcement by the police department.

On the fateful day of December 1, 2023, Castro-Leon took to following a woman into the restroom, and there, he recorded her with his cellphone without her consent. It was only through the courage of the victim, who defended herself before seeking help that the police were able to act. The department later turned to social media, releasing security camera footage to the public, which led to the quick identification of Castro-Leon.

Interestingly, Castro-Leon walked into the police department voluntarily on January 4 to inquire about the social media buzz concerning him. His inquiry led to his arrest for interfering with a police investigation and the seizure of his cellphone. Upon examining his phone, detectives found it contained over 250 videos of unwarranted recordings of women. After a thorough investigation into the contents of the phone, it was evident that these invasions of privacy were not isolated, with some occurring in the Tri-Valley area. The department urges anyone who believes they might have been victimized to come forward and file a report with their local police.

This incident highlights the critical role that community cooperation can play in law enforcement and the importance of reporting crimes immediately. Pleasanton authorities remain dedicated to the investigation and to ensuring that Castro-Leon faces the ramifications of his actions.