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Published on February 23, 2024
Portland Heats Up with New On-Street Food Truck Program in Central CitySource: City of Portland, Oregon

Portland's street food scene is set to get a whole lot hotter thanks to the city's new food truck program. In a recent rollout, the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) has introduced a pilot program allowing food trucks to legally vend on City streets, according to a city press release. This move could spice up lunch hour for many hungry Portlanders.

A two-year trial phase is underway and, if it proves successful, food trucks might become a permanent fixture on Portland's vibrant central city streetscape through 2025. As part of the initiative propelled by a unanimous City Council decision in January, certain PBOT-designated spots will be home to an array of mobile eateries rotating on a daily basis in partnership with Suburban Events. From savory Filipino barbeque to an array of hamburgers and sandwiches, residents can indulge in these new offerings at various points around the city, including the Pacwest Center and outside the NV Apartments for a evening meal on Thursdays.

Adding to the culinary hype, starting February 26, a new lunch venue will be up and running at Lownsdale Square Park, where different food trucks will operate Monday through Friday. For food truck owners looking to join the fleet or property managers aiming to host these roving restaurants, the city is inviting applications through their website. Simply fill out a form and a Suburban Events rep will reach out to get the gears grinding.

"Portland’s food scene is part of what makes this city great," said Transportation Commissioner Mingus Mapps in a statement. His counterpart, PBOT Director Millicent Williams, echoes this sentiment, highlighting the dual benefit of energizing public spaces while bolstering small businesses.

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