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Published on February 26, 2024
Portland Set for a Week of Rain and Snow Showers, National Weather Service Warns of Travel ImpactsSource: M.O. Stevens, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Portland braces for a week of relentless rain and potential snow showers, as the latest forecast in Portland predicts an onslaught of precipitation with minimal respite. The forecast, which extends through to next Sunday, indicates near-certain chances of rain every day, accompanied by varying snow levels that could impact travel and outdoor activities. According to the National Weather Service, the city will see a mix of rain and thunderstorms today, with snow levels dropping to a low of 1100 feet.

Evening commuters might face a tricky ride home tonight, with likely rain showers before 11 pm transitioning into a mix of rain and snow showers. Adding to the wintry mix, the snow level is expected to descend to 500 feet, but with little or no snow accumulation anticipated. The mercury will hover around a chilly 34 degrees.

Looking ahead to Tuesday, the forecast doesn't get much brighter for Portlanders. A chance of showers in the morning will give way to certain rain after 11 am. Initially, at a mere 400 feet, the snow level is set to rise to 1500 feet by the afternoon. Residents should expect a high of 44 degrees and persistent south-southwest winds, making for a wet and windy day.

Conditions grow increasingly harsh by Tuesday night with a promise of rain and a climbing snow level, expected to reach an elevation between 2400 and 3900 feet after midnight. The gusty south wind could hit speeds of up to 31 mph, with new precipitation amounts forecast to be between a quarter and a half of an inch. Residents, already weary of the incessant dampness, can only hope their umbrellas and raincoats withstand the test.

Midweek offers no reprieve as Wednesday's weather remains uniformly gray and soggy. With a 100% chance of rain and high winds, the day's near 50-degree temperatures might not be enough to lift the spirits of Portland citizens as they navigate the deluge. Strong gusts will persist into Wednesday night when the city will again be subject to widespread rainfall and windy conditions.

Portland's soggy saga continues with a predictable Thursday forecast—more rain and breezy weather, with the snow level sitting at 1800 feet. The following days see little change, with snow levels fluctuating but the rain remains a constant companion for the city's residents. As the weekend approaches, the possibility of mixed rain and snow showers looms, particularly at night.