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Published on February 28, 2024
Portland Transportation Bureau Hosts Free Basic Bike Maintenance Workshop for Local Cyclists Source: Unsplash/ Pablo Vallejo

The city's first Basic Bike Maintenance workshop of the year is gearing up to teach locals the essentials of keeping their bicycles in tip-top shape. Slated for February 28, this hands-on event welcomes all comers, regardless of experience with a wrench and chain.

Acknowledging the ever-growing community of cyclists in our concrete jungle, Portland's Transportation Bureau is on a mission to empower bike owners with the know-how to tackle basic upkeep and common repairs like fixing a flat tire. Moreover, bringing your own bike is optional – a boon for those still eyeing their dust-gathering two-wheeler in the corner of their apartment.

The workshop promises a casual environment where anyone can roll up their sleeves and glean wisdom from seasoned pedal-pushers. "You can bring your bike but it's not required," highlights the official announcement. With no cost to attend, the initiative stands as a testament to the city's commitment to sustainable transport and the nurturing of a community that pedals together. "This workshop is free, open to everyone, and doesn’t require any prior bike maintenance experience," the Portland Transportation Bureau stated.

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