Portland Weather Outlook: Showers and Chilly Temperatures Dominate the Week Ahead

Portland Weather Outlook: Showers and Chilly Temperatures Dominate the Week AheadSource: Flickr / Eric Sonstroem
Samuel Hansen
Published on February 12, 2024

The sky is painting a dreary picture in Portland, with scattered showers dotting the area, according to the National Weather Service. The official report paints an overcast day with temperatures at a cool 48°F and humidity at 76%. Winds are pushing from the south-southwest at a steady 10 MPH tempo. Visibility holds a solid 10-mile gaze across the city despite a wind chill that makes it feel like a brisker 44°F.

Monday's forecast warns of more scattered showers, particularly before 9 am, with odds of precipitation calculated at a 30% likelihood. With the wind waving a gentler banner, from the south-southwest at 6 to 8 mph, temperatures are expected to crest at a more comfortable high of 55. As nighttime sneaks in, a patchy fog is set to saunter between 2 am and 3 am with the low forecasted around a biting 34 degrees.

The clouds are expected to scatter into Tuesday, giving way to a sunnier outlook with temperatures rising to near 52. Winds forecasted to stay light and capricious are tipped to settle into a southeastern whisper at around 5 mph in the afternoon. The evening narrative alters slightly as rain nudges back into the forecast, a 30 percent chance post-4 am. The mercury is anticipated to drop to around 34 degrees, with the snow level dropping from 3000 to 2000 feet after midnight.

Wednesday's narrative is more waterlogged, with an assertive 60% probability of rain after 10 am. As temperatures reach an apex near 45, the snow level is slated to make a modest climb from 2000 to 2500 feet. Nightfall deepens the plot, with rain turning more adamant and expected to be present at 80% certainty. Thermometers will hover at around 38 degrees while the wind begins to articulate its strength more robustly.

The week's culmination muddles the landscape's clarity with showers and the plausible mingling of snow. Snow levels during the day persistently shift, from 1500 feet in the mornings to 2000 feet as daylight stretches and temperatures hover around the 43-degree watermark. The nightfall brings the chance of rain and snow again, with the barometer standing sturdy as the clouds claim territory above our heads.

As the weekend unfurls its banner, the probabilities tilt towards rain, possibly intermingled with snow on Saturday, as the snow level earnestly surges from 2500 feet to the afternoon's more considerable elevation of 4000 feet. Amidst these patterns, temperatures grasp to maintain consistency, projecting highs near 44 degrees under a sheath of persistent clouds. For further details, the public can refer to weather updates by NWS Portland Oregon.