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Published on February 25, 2024
San Antonio's South Side Revels in Cultural Expression at Inaugural Black Excellence Hair ShowcaseSource: Unsplash/ Jessica Felicio

San Antonio's South Side was the scene of a cultural celebration this weekend as the first annual Black Excellence Hair Showcase took center stage. According to KSAT, stylists paraded their hair designs in front of an enthusiastic crowd, displaying a range of styles from intricate braids to voluminous Afros. The event marked the first Black History Month since Texas enacted its own version of the CROWN Act, protecting individuals from hair-based racial discrimination.

Local stylist Mia Williams, sharing her designs at the event, told KSAT, "Hair is everything," adding that working with hair brings "this butterfly feeling to my heart every single time I touch someone’s crown." The showcase's significance was magnified considering recent legal challenges to the CROWN Act, including a case outside Houston that stirred controversy after a student was suspended for his dreadlocks.

Tenesha Wilson, who organized the South Side event, built a creative space where stylists felt pride in their cultural identity. She chose Black History Month as her theme, emphasizing the importance of modern work alongside historical narratives. "This is not even half of it," Wilson said in an interview with KSAT, noting that many don't know the stories behind braids and other traditional hairstyles.

Despite the legal hurdles faced by the CROWN Act, underscored by the recent ruling that did not find a school district in violation for suspending a Black student due to his hairstyle, the Black Excellence Hair Showcase celebrated strength and diversity within the Black community. According to BNN Breaking, the showcase also featured youth dancers and the participation of small businesses, adding to a collective spirit of unity and visibility.

The event deftly turned the spotlight on both the artistry and identity of the Black community in Texas. As the state navigates the application of the CROWN Act, the Black Excellence Hair Showcase was a vibrant testament to cultural expression, where every coiffure spoke volumes of heritage and the unyielding quest for expressive freedom.