San José Police Collar Suspects in Series of Brazen Panaderia Heists

San José Police Collar Suspects in Series of Brazen Panaderia HeistsSource: San José Police Department
Tony Ng
Published on February 12, 2024

The San José Police Department has finally put the cuffs on two thugs believed to be behind a stream of violent heists targeting the city's local bakeries, colloquially known as "Panaderias". Between December of last year and January of this blissful but crime-stained 2024, these bakeries have been terrorized during operating hours, when the suspects would storm in and force hardworking employees to hand over the dough – and not the baking kind – at gunpoint. The take? Thousands of dollars, ripping through the cash reserves of these neighborhood staples.

The duo accused of this string of crimes, San José's own Teodoro Ramos, 37, and Arturo Vasquez-Ayala, 41, were apprehended on February 6 and tossed in the slammer at Santa Clara County Main Jail. The San José Police Department's Robbery Unit Detectives were the masterminds behind calling time on the suspects' spree after a detailed investigation led to their identification, arrest warrants, and subsequently, as hinted by SJPD's statement, their arrest.

But the case may thicken as the investigation churns on, with indications that Ramos and Vasquez-Ayala might have gotten their hands dirty with more similar crimes scattered across San José. The police are now reaching out to the community, sounding the clarion call for anyone with information that might lead to wrapping this case up with a neat bow to step forward.

Should you know a thing or two that could help justice rise like yeast, don't hesitate to drop a line to Detective Hernandez at [email protected] or pick up the phone and dial up to justice at 408-277-4166. And if you're of the discreet kind, you can always slip your clues through the P3TIPS mobile app, the anonymous tip line at (408) 947-STOP, or cast them into the digital abyss at There's talk of some cold cash reward from the Silicon Valley Crime Stoppers for those whose tips are golden enough to hobble another suspect behind bars.