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Published on February 28, 2024
Universal City Announces Spring Clean-up Event, Hazardous Waste Accepted, No Tube TVs or Tires Source: Unsplash/ Jas Min

Universal City is gearing up for its annual Clean-up event, a time when residents can dispose of their unwanted waste, including hazardous materials and oversized brush, but keep your old tube TVs and car tires at home. Residents planning to participate will need to show proof of residency with a driver's license or utility bill during the spring clean-up, scheduled across numerous days in April, as commercial dumping is strictly prohibited, no exceptions.

Sources at Universal City's official website state that the clean-up will accept several categories of waste, from oil filters and wet cell batteries to paint and standard ammunition, providing a much-needed service to the community who might otherwise struggle to safely discard these items. What you won't see accepted are tube-type televisions or computer monitors, nor will tires still attached to rims be collected, these restrictions reinforce the clean-up's focus on specific types of waste while directing residents to other disposal channels for non-accepted items.

Hazardous waste is now included in the list of accepted items throughout the entirety of the event but don't bother packing pesticides or herbicides, as they are explicitly barred. The assortment of accepted items includes household cleaners and pool chemicals, giving folks a chance to rid their homes of these potentially dangerous substances without harming the environment.

Residents looking to discard brush can take advantage of the chipping service offered, but public works will not be picking up brush at the yard, instead, free chipping service is available, limited to 30 minutes, with appointments a must to secure a spot for this popular service. If you're looking for this service calls need to be made between April 8 to 11 for service on the 11 and 12, and April 15tto 18 for service on the 18 and 19, with April 18 being the last day to make those calls, so don't drag your feet or you'll miss out.

For citizens unsure whether their waste qualifies or needing alternative disposal options for their tube TVs, computer monitors, or tire-rim assemblies, Waste Management provides assistance and can be reached at 800-449-7587 or via email at [email protected].