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Published on February 28, 2024
Universal City's May 2024 City Council Election Ballot Positions Set Following Official Drawing Source: Unsplash/ Element5 Digital

The race for power in Universal City has officially begun, with the ballot positions for the May 2024 City Council General Election set in stone. Coasting into the critical May race, mayoral and council candidates now know where they'll stand - literally - on the upcoming ballot. As announced by the city, the ballot order was determined through a drawing held last Monday, complying with the Texas Election Code.

Chiming in front of the battle for the mayoral seat is Tom Maxwell, who will be the first candidate voters set their eyes on when ballots are unfurled. His placement could be an edge or just a cosmetic advantage; only election day will tell. Spinning the wheel of fortune for the council seats, the order has been set as follows: Bernard Rubal, Lori Putt, Paul Najarian, Richard Edwards, Phil Vaughan, and Nick Ferguson. Given the randomness of the draw, each candidate will have to hope that their slot in the lineup plays in their favor.

With the seats on Universal City's City Council up for grabs, local politics enthusiasts and citizens are bracing for what is expected to be a closely contested election. According to the official election page, the ballot now formalized line up casts a definitive frame around the upcoming political showdown.

Interested voters and the politically curious can access full details of the impending election. Diving into the deep end, residents of Universal City will soon decide which of these candidates will steer their city towards the future they envision. As they march to the polls in May, it isn't just candidates' names that will matter but the substance behind them and their promises to the electorate.