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Published on February 28, 2024
Vallejo Man Accused of Leading Police on Dangerous DUI Chase in American CanyonSource: American Canyon Police Department

Chaos erupted on the streets of American Canyon as a brazen DUI suspect led police on a wild Monday chase. Kilisimasi Pongia, a 36-year-old Vallejo resident, was spotted by officers driving a white Honda sedan recklessly on the shoulder of Highway 29, prompting an attempted traffic stop that quickly escalated into a pursuit nightmare. According to the American Canyon Police Department, Pongia was determined to give law enforcement the slip, resorting to dangerous maneuvers such as driving on the wrong side of the road and against oncoming traffic on highway shoulders.

The pursuit, which caused a stir among local commuters, circled back to its originating junction—a twist of fate that saw the end of Pongia's flight. Applying a pursuit intervention technique (P.I.T.), officers were able to bring the rogue Honda to a halt. In a statement obtained by Facebook, the ACPD confirmed that path of destruction ended right where it began, marking a stark endpoint to Pongia's bid for freedom.

A subsequent check on Pongia's records revealed a history marred by DUI activity, placing him on DUI court probation. A preliminary alcohol screening device was employed at the scene, confirming officers' suspicions—Pongia was intoxicated.

Pongia now faces the consequences of his actions after being arrested and booked into NCDC, the police department stated.