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Published on March 04, 2024
3-Year-Old Girl Critical, Man Hospitalized After Suspected Drunk Driver Strikes Uber in HoustonSource: Unsplash/ camilo jimenez

A horrific collision last night in Houston has left a 3-year-old girl in a fight for her life and her fellow passenger, a man believed to be her father, hospitalized. According to FOX 26 Houston, the two were riding in an Uber when their vehicle was involved in a crash with a pickup truck near Deer Trail Drive and Gillespie Road.

The confrontation began just before 9 p.m., leading to a dangerous chase after the pickup truck, which initially fled the scene. Trying to flee, after colliding with the Uber containing the family of three, was manned by a driver who showed signs of intoxication when later detained by police. The Uber driver, with three passengers onboard, pursued the pickup along the North Freeway northbound service road, FOX 26 reports.

Both vehicles, in the heat of pursuit, unsuccessfully attempted a U-turn at West Road. It was there, according to ABC13 Houston, that the suspected drunk driver's white F-350 truck struck a curb and a column but continued to drive away. The minivan Uber, however, careened into a traffic control box in the chaos.

Emergency crews rushed the girl in critical condition to the hospital, along with the injured male passenger. The driver of the Uber, while stayed at the scene, it's his passengers who now face an uncertain future punctuated by the wail of sirens and the cold sterility of a hospital room. The driver of the pickup truck was detained a short distance from the scene; he displayed signs of intoxication, police said. Details about potential charges being filed are still unclear at this time, but commanders on the scene noted the hazardous nature of the chase.

"They were somehow following each other, I don't want to say pursuing, but they were somehow following and it seemed like the white van was either trying to maintain visual of him or something, not sure," Cmdr. Michael Chaney told ABC13. An investigation into the incident by Houston police continues as they try and piece together this harrowing ordeal.