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Published on March 03, 2024
Anita Hill Honored with Inaugural "Drum Major for Justice" Award at Roxbury Community College's 50th Anniversary Gala in BostonSource: Suffolk County Sheriff's Department

Boston's Roxbury Community College (RCC) celebrated its half-century mark with pomp as Anita Hill, a figure of historical legal challenge and an educator, graced the Golden Jubilee Gala with her presence and took center stage to speak and receive honors. The event, held with a flourish at the Omni Boston Hotel at the Seaport, saw Suffolk County Sheriff and RCC Board of Trustees Chair Steven W. Tompkins and RCC Interim President Jackie Jenkins-Scott welcoming Hill amidst the festivities. According to a Facebook post by the Suffolk County Sheriff's Department, Hill was honored with the RCC “Drum Major for Justice” Award, a first for the college, set up to commemorate contributions to justice reminiscent of the late Martin Luther King Jr.

The award, symbolizing esteemed recognition of activism, was presented to Hill who, in 1991 testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee about the sexual harassment she experienced while working under Clarence Thomas, now a Supreme Court Justice, her presence and testimony served as a notable pivotal moment for national discourse around issues of gender and power dynamics and activism continues. Her keynote address at the gala underpinned the reflection on the trial and triumph over adversity, her ongoing commitment to social justice, and the importance of education in advancing equality; though the content of her speech was not detailed in public releases. Roxbury Community College, through its events, is cementing its resolve to not only educate but empower, marking this golden jubilee as not merely an anniversary, but as a recommitment to the values of equity and inclusiveness it has stood for over its 50-year history.

With the Golden Jubilee Gala, RCC, a college that has served a diverse student body in the heart of Boston, pushes to the forefront its mission to provide educational access and opportunity while celebrating the historic milestones achieved along the way. The institution's 50th anniversary year is packed with events designed to reflect upon its past accomplishments and forge a path for the future, with the gala serving as a prominent highlight in a series of engagements designed to draw attention to RCC's role in the community and the broader landscape of higher education. In a statement obtained by the Suffolk County Sheriff's Department, Interim President Jackie Jenkins-Scott remarked on the importance of commemorating RCC's journey while also embracing the challenges ahead.

The RCC “Drum Major for Justice” Award bestowed upon Hill, set a precedent for future acknowledgments of leaders who further the cause of justice and equality the college stands determined to uphold these ideals in its offerings to students, the community, and the dialogue it fosters beyond the confines of academia. The choice of Hill as the inaugural recipient underscores the institution's alignment with the broader struggle for civil rights and the need to recognize those who have played a significant role in advancing these issues within the public sphere Hill’s appearance at the gala and the accolades she received, also underscores her continued relevance and the ongoing conversation about the intersections of race, gender, and justice in America.