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Published on March 03, 2024
Armed Robbery Alert: Chicago Police Warn Businesses in Lawn and Deering After SpreeSource: Google Street View

Chicago businesses on high alert as robbery spree hits Chicago Lawn and Deering neighborhoods. Police have issued a warning following a string of armed robberies by two male suspects, who targeted local businesses, flexing a note that claimed they were armed before making off with cash register contents.

Authorities described the pair of male Hispanics, estimated to be between 5'07" and 6'00" in height, 180-200 pounds, and aged 30-40 years. These culprits were seen donning black or gray baseball caps, black hooded sweatshirts, and black pants. They've been noted for having tattoos on each of their hands. Two recent robberies took place at the 4100 Block of South Archer Avenue and the 4100 Block of West 63rd Street, occurring in broad daylight on February 29 and March 2, respectively.

The Chicago Police Department advises the public to stay vigilant and report any suspicious activities immediately. In case of a confrontation, they emphasize the importance of remaining calm and trying to recall any distinctive physical characteristics of the assailant.

Shop owners with video surveillance are urged to preserve footage that may assist detectives in the investigation. Witnesses or anyone with information related to the crimes are encouraged to contact the Bureau of Detectives – Area One. Businesses in the affected areas are on edge, hoping for a swift resolution before the thieves strike another unsuspecting target.