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Published on March 04, 2024
Chicago Park District Unveils Array of Spring Activities for All Ages, Including Lifeguard Recruitment IncentivesSource: Chicago Park District

As Chicago thaws out from winter's grip, the Chicago Park District is serving up a bouquet of spring activities to get residents moving. Starting Monday, folks looking to stretch their limbs and brush off the winter blues can hop online to register for a variety of spring classes. Registration opened for parks on the west side of California Avenue, and for our east side pals, the digital doors will swing open on Tuesday, reported CBS Chicago.

From sports and fitness to the creative world of ceramics and 3D printing, there's something for everyone—including the kiddos and seniors. The offerings kick off on April 8 and will keep the community engaged through June 9. Those interested in getting active or artsy should pay a visit to the Chicago Park District website to get the scoop and sign up.

The park district isn't just fostering talent in the arts and sports—they're also in the hunt for lifeguards. With an aim to boost recruitment, they're dangling a $50 Amazon gift card carrot for the first 500 people who take the plunge and pass the swim test. If that's up your alley, you can schedule your test when you apply. Stick the landing with the swim test, and you'll be fast-tracked for hire, pending the completion of the American Red Cross lifeguard class, as per info obtained by CBS Chicago. The cherry on top? A $400 stipend is yours once you complete the class. But remember, you've got to be 16 by July 1 and a Chicago resident to snag that lifeguard chair.

The Park District's General Superintendent and CEO, Rosa Escareño, was serving up some serious enthusiasm about the spring lineup, stating, "Spring programs are designed to get you out of the woes of winter and into a fun routine," according to an ABC7 Chicago report. Pointing out that the Park District is primed to assist individuals across a wide range of activities, Escareño added, "Our Spring programs offer individuals of any age the opportunity to gain new skills, explore old talents, and expand their social circles." If you missed the digital boat, fret not. Walk-up, in-person registration kicks off this Saturday or next Monday, March 11, depending on your choice of park. For the shaky tech, your spring awakening is just a short stroll to the park away.

With spring on the horizon, these programs stand as a testament to the city's commitment to adaptability and community wellness, providing citizens with opportunities to delve into new experiences or revisit past passions. It echoes a call across the cityscape, beckoning children, adults, and seniors alike to join in communal spaces that breathe as much as they invigorate. Full details on the spring extravaganza are available at the ABC7 Chicago website.