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Published on March 01, 2024
Conyers Civic League Funds Ecological Art Project at Big Haynes Creek Nature CenterSource: Google Street View

In a move to enhance the local arts scene and conservation efforts in Rockdale County, the Conyers Civic League has pledged funds for a unique ecological art project at the Big Haynes Creek Nature Center. According to a news release from the City of Conyers, the nature center, located within the expanse of the Georgia International Horse Park, received a grant from the Irene Irwin Fund to breathe new life into a weathered bird blind and a section of wetlands frequented by nature enthusiasts and photographers.

The awarded sum, just shy of $2,000, will go toward refurbishing the 7-foot structure and clearing overgrown foliage that currently hampers wildlife observation. The anticipation is, that this project will not only refresh the area, but also create a vibrant, interactive space for visitors. This information was outlined in a news release by the City of Conyers.

Event manager Dawn Tanner, in a statement obtained by the City of Conyers, described the current status of the bird blind: "Currently, the bird blind is not painted and is often overlooked because it blends in with the natural surroundings." She continued to outline the project’s aesthetic vision, noting that painting the blind in bright blue and gray hues "will turn it into an inviting space for hikers to stop, pose, and take home a piece of Big Haynes Creek Nature Center through their personal photographs, in addition to being able to observe the staggering biodiversity that surrounds them."

The project, dubbed "Spread Your Wings & Fly," seeks to marry art and nature by illustrating the Great blue heron—a stunning bird that inhabits the wetland ecosystem. This endeavor is also set to inspire visitors personally, with signage underwritten by the grant aimed at emphasizing an uplifting message. The Sketching Pad, a local artists’ group based in Olde Town Conyers, is in the process of designing the project, which is expected to be completed by the end of March, according to the city's news release. Executive Director Shelli Siebert shared her enthusiasm with the City of Conyers, labeling the project as an "incredible partnership between four Rockdale County organizations to create a striking piece of public art."

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