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Published on March 02, 2024
Portland's Ticket to Dine Returns with Eat Out, Win Big in Month-Long Culinary FestSource: Travel Portland

Chow down for a chance to win, Portland. The city's food scene is upping the ante this March with the comeback of Ticket to Dine, a dining rewards program that lets patrons indulge in local cuisine while competing for prizes. Travel Portland is orchestrating the appetizing event, which runs for the entire month.

Last year, the inaugural Ticket to Dine spanned just over a one week and was limited to eateries in Old Town and Downtown Portland, as reported by KOIN. Expansion is the main course this year, with over 80 restaurants across neighborhoods like the Pearl District, Central Eastside, and Nob Hill jumping on the bandwagon. It's a full-scale effort to celebrate and energize Portland's diverse food joints.

Local restaurant Charlie's Deli is among those looking forward to a second helping of publicity. "It’s a great way to share our love for Old Town Portland," co-owner Charles Mattouk said in a statement to KOIN. The establishment was part of around 40 participants last year and they're "elated" to join the march of eateries in 2024’s roster.

Diners can expect more than just good food. After ordering an entree at a participating spot, customers will score a Ticket to Dine complete with a QR code that could unlock one of over 2,000 prizes. As per BNN Breaking, the loot ranges from free drinks and desserts to gift cards and big-ticket items like Timbers game tickets and hotel stays. The chance of snagging a complimentary bite or a staycation could make skipping the kitchen and eating out all the enticing.

Founder Shauna Noah O'Connor described Ticket to Dine as more than a prize hunt. "Ticket to Dine serves as an invitation to rediscover the city's unique culinary offerings," O'Connor elaborated. So, whether it's a classic deli sandwich from Charlie's or an experimental fusion dish from a new trendy spot, Portlanders can eat their way through the city's food map and potentially walk away as winners.