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Published on March 01, 2024
Florida Duo Nabbed for Kidnapping in Washington Disguised as Amazon WorkersSource: King County Prosecuting Attorney's Office

In a shocking twist on the typical package delivery, a Florida couple was arrested in Washington for kidnapping a baby girl after posing as Amazon delivery personnel. Marryl Ardila-Urrego, 33, and Chun Ho Vincent Lai, 42, of Lake Worth Beach, Florida, now face multiple charges including first-degree kidnapping, robbery, and assault following their arrest on February 20, as reported by BNN Breaking. The couple was apprehended 180 miles from the victim's home in Federal Way, Washington after they snatched the 7-month-old girl.

The abduction took place around 9:30 a.m. when Lai, allegedly clad in the guise of an Amazon delivery man holding a package, knocked on the door of the mother's apartment. The mother, anticipating a delivery, was met with a violent surprise as Lai reportedly punched her multiple times in the face. "The mother was zip-tied around her wrists and ankles, and her 2-year-old child's mouth was taped shut," according to the WPDE report. During the incident, Ardila-Urrego, the mother's cousin, entered the apartment and assisted in the kidnapping.

The community's rapid reaction and the concerted efforts of the local police and FBI were instrumental in the quick discovery and rescue of the infant. Security footage from neighbors and the tracking of Ardila-Urrego's cellphone played key roles in apprehending the suspects. A senior deputy prosecutor involved in the case described it as "extraordinarily unusual," emphasizing the calculated nature of the crime. According to The Seattle Times, there was "no evidence that mental illness or substance abuse contributed to this crime."

Prosecutors have outlined several aggravating factors in the charges, mentioning that the child victims were particularly vulnerable and the crimes involved a high degree of sophistication or planning. The victims' family had recently moved, and Ardila-Urrego had informed the baby's mother of a bed frame delivery on the day of the abduction, complicating the betrayal. When the mother answered Lai's knock at her door, the criminal plan erupted into violence, resulting in both the mother and her two children being victimized. "When she opened the door, Lai repeatedly punched her in the face," stated the charging documents as described by The Seattle Times. Showing no mercy, Lai threatened to stab the 2-year-old sibling if the mother did not cooperate.