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Published on March 29, 2024
Richmond Police Apprehend Murder Suspect After Disturbance Call Uncovers Fatal IncidentSource: Google Street View

A murder suspect was taken into custody by the Richmond Police Department (RPD) after a disturbance call led officers to a grisly discovery in the 300 block of South 36th St. Wednesday morning, authorities said.

Responding to the call, officers found a victim with fatal injuries. The scene spelled out the harsh reality of a homicide, and the case was handed off to RPD homicide detectives. The Richmond Police Department stated that its detectives, through intensive work and support from an allied agency, apprehended the suspect following a non-stop investigation.

According to the RPD's statement, "RPD Homicide Detectives responded and assumed the investigation." These detectives and their partners, whom the department has extended gratitude towards, ensured the suspect was located and taken into custody without specifying the allied agency involved.

Officials have reassured the public that there's no ongoing threat to the community, labeling the murder as an isolated incident. "This appears to be an isolated incident with the suspect in custody, with no active threat to our community safety," the department confidently announced, despite the community, was in search of peace. The Richmond Police have expressed their sympathy to the victim's family, and have committed to work on this case to see through that justice tirelessly is served.