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Published on March 29, 2024
Rio Vista High-Speed Chase Ends with Arrest on Multiple Felony Charges, Including KidnappingSource: Rio Vista Police Department

A harrowing case of domestic violence led to a high-speed chase and successful apprehension of a suspect in Rio Vista, California. Rio Vista Police Department apprehended a man who allegedly assaulted a woman in a Fairfield park before fleeing with her and a two-year-old child on Thursday. According to the Rio Vista Police Department, the suspect was last seen tearing down State Route 12 towards their city.

Upon receiving a tip from the Fairfield Police Department, local law enforcement in Rio Vista quickly mobilized. Additional reports confirmed a vehicle matching the description of the suspect's car was spotted driving recklessly at the junction of SR-12 and SR-113. Despite the heavy caseload, officers were able to set up blockades at key points of entry. "Due to a high volume of other investigations we are working on, we had additional officers available who assisted Patrol Team 2 officers in setting up at the possible points of entry from the west," the department released in a statement.

The tension-filled chase came to a close in front of the St. Joseph Cemetery, where law enforcement stopped the suspect. The man surrendered without further trouble, and officers were able to rescue the woman and child who had been taken. Subsequent to the arrest, the Rio Vista Fire Department provided medical aid to the victims and the suspect, for an injury he seemed to have ahead of the stop.

Officials from Fairfield arrived in Rio Vista to take custody of the man, slapping him with several charges. Actions taken against him include felony kidnapping, felony child endangerment, felony evading a peace officer, and misdemeanor domestic violence. In reverence to the ongoing investigation, Rio Vista Police is keeping mum on further case details, stating, "Out of respect for the Fairfield Police investigation, no additional details will be provided on this case."