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Published on March 01, 2024
San Antonio Mayor Confronts President Biden in Brownsville for Urgent Migrant AidSource: Facebook/Mayor Ron Nirenberg

San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg took his pleas for increased federal aid to manage migrant arrivals to the doorstep of President Biden in Brownsville, Texas, this past Thursday. Nirenberg canceled a city council meeting and instead addressed the President directly during a crucial 30-minute briefing, as migrant aid has begun to run thin in San Antonio, reported San Antonio Report.

With San Antonio acting as a critical juncture for migrants, the reality is harsh—federal grants crucial for their transit are drying up. According to a statement obtained by Axios, nearly 600,000 migrants since 2021 have been aided through the city's Migrant Resource Center, a facility set up to humanely manage the safe passage of people to their final destinations in the U.S. Previous funding from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, which included a significant $24.5 million to help the city, Catholic Charities, and other local nonprofits until September 2025, is now barely enough to keep the assistance programs afloat.

"Our charge has been to maintain order, to protect public safety, and to treat people with basic dignity and compassion," Nirenberg said Wednesday, as relayed by the San Antonio Report. Migrant transport is notably becoming reliant on private donations, per Catholic Charities’ announcement of providing plane tickets and bus fares for migrants.

While the number of migrants passing through has indeed declined—from nearly 26,000 people in December to 5,364 as of February—this has not eased concerns, as Nirenberg is often seen as a possible Cabinet nominee by the Biden administration, which may suggest a vested interest in proper resolution of the issue.

The border visit by Nirenberg comes at a time when immigration issues are increasingly spotlighted during an election year. The presence of former President Trump at the border the same day created a stark visual contrast in immigration policy perspectives, with Trump delivering remarks in Eagle Pass, while Biden convened with U.S. Border Patrol agents and local leaders to tackle the ongoing debate. Nirenberg's opportunity to showcase local efforts and advocate for more support could not come at a more critical juncture, emphasized in the Axios coverage of the event.