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Published on March 03, 2024
San Pablo Police Arrest Suspected Shooter Accused of Firing from Vehicle While IntoxicatedSource: San Pablo Police Department

Yesterday, San Pablo Police Officers thwarted a potentially deadly situation when they arrested a man accused of erratically shooting a gun from his vehicle. Calls flooded the San Pablo Police Department with reports of the gunfire, spurring officers who were already nearby to take swift action.

The San Pablo Police Department reported the incident on their Facebook page, detailing that concerned citizens had alerted them to the dangerous conduct. With the area being patrolled by alert officers at the time the reports came in, the prompt location and subsequent stop of the suspect's vehicle could have eliminated the risk of what might have escalated into a more tragic event.

During the traffic stop, officers found that the driver and alleged shooter appeared to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The man was arrested for his actions, and the San Pablo Police Department stated, "The firearm, magazines and ammo were recovered." This intervention served as a chilling reminder of the lethal combination of substance abuse and firearms accessibility in our nation's ongoing conversation about public safety.

The department's Facebook account was proud to note that the incident was resolved without further incident. "We’re happy this potentially dangerous incident had a positive outcome," the post read. The identity of the man in custody has not yet been released, pending the ongoing investigation into the shooting and his condition at the time of the arrest.