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Published on March 31, 2024
Santa Rosa Police Thwart Catalytic Converter Theft, Man Charged with FelonySource: Santa Rosa Police

Quick action by a Santa Rosa Police Department officer at Nagasawa Park led to the arrest of a local man who was allegedly attempting to cut out a catalytic converter from a stolen truck. The incident, reported by the Santa Rosa Police Department on their Facebook page, unfolded around 10:35 AM on March 30, when an officer, during a proactive patrol, noticed suspicious activity around a white Chevrolet truck.

The officer observed Michael McGarvey, 33, of Santa Rosa, wielding a Sawzall tool, hell-bent on detaching the vehicle's catalytic converter. Cutting off the crucial part, McGarvey and another male were detained while the investigation deepened. Owned by someone other than the suspects, the rightful owner was clueless about the truck’s plight and had no ties to McGarvey or his associate, the authorities confirmed.

Upon further scrutiny, the law had plenty to pin on McGarvey – he was charged with felony possession of a stolen vehicle and felony tampering with a vehicle, as per the announcement made by the police. The second male was released after being questioned. Their proactive patrol paying off, Santa Rosa Police booked McGarvey into the Sonoma County Jail, marking another score in their persistent fight against vehicular crimes.

Under the watch of Police Chief John Cregan, who ensures that crime-fighting stays at the forefront of his officers' duties, the Santa Rosa Police has seen catalytic converter thefts decline since 2020. The victories continue, with over 800 victims serving justice so far. Replacing a stolen converter can run owners over $3,000.