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Published on April 15, 2024
Arson at Memphis Walmart Causes Nearly $2 Million in Damages, Suspect Search OngoingSource: Google Street View

The smoldering aftermath of a fire which was deliberately set in a Walmart store has left the establishment reeling from nearly $2 million in damages, officials conveyed. The incident occurred at the Walmart on Austin Peay Highway in Memphis, igniting a maelstrom of destruction in its wake on Sunday, April 14.

MFD raced against time, responding to the emergency call that came in at 3:11 p.m., swiftly dealing with the blaze that erupted on Aisle 18. According to Action News 5, the fire was set inside the store, a fact corroborated by emergency responders on the scene. Aided by the store's internal sprinkler system, they were able to contain what could have been a far more catastrophic event.

No injuries were reported, bringing solace amidst the ashes of the blaze. Despite the absence of physical harm, the financial ramifications are stark, with Memphis Fire Department estimating the destruction at $10,000 to the building's structure and a staggering $1.8 million loss in store content, as stated in FOX13. This estimate includes smoke and water damage inflicted upon the store.

While the search for the suspects continues, the Walmart has been left to grapple with the extensive cleanup and restoration of the affected area. As the fire was rapidly extinguished, "the fire was intentionally set on aisle 18," revealed Qwanesha Ward of the MFD, in an area near the electronics department, captured by WREG. The damage toll casts a daunting shadow over the corporation, as the store now faces a significant hurdle in terms of product loss and infrastructure repair that lies ahead.

This incident has inevitably forced the closure of the store, with MFD indicating it will likely remain shuttered until week's end as the recovery process unfolds.