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Published on April 13, 2024
Atlanta Experts Share Crucial Tips on Handling Damage from Fallen Trees During Storm SeasonSource: Unsplash/ Bethany Laird

With storm season rolling in, homeowners might face the harsh reality of trees toppling onto their properties, but experts are advising residents on how to handle such an unfortunate situation without falling victim to further misfortune. Atlanta News First has compiled a list of dos and don'ts for those facing home damage due to fallen trees. Key advice includes avoiding upfront payments to tree services, insisting on proof of insurance, and not clearing the payment until the chopped tree is off your property. Furthermore, documentation through photographs and videos is crucial, as is timely insurance company contact.

Missteps in the aftermath of a storm can lead to greater disasters such as unrestrained water damage, which can invite mold growth within a mere 24 hours. J.D. Shamoun of 72 Tree, a veteran in the catastrophic tree removal business, emphasized the importance of vigilance. "If you’re looking to hire a tree service or catastrophic claim handler, make sure he doesn’t hurry you up or rush you to sign documentation or pay up front,” Shamoun told Atlanta News First. He further stated, "A real professional doesn’t need any money up front."

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The importance of homeowners' thoroughness during the storm recovery process cannot be underplayed. Details such as knowing one's insurance policy inside out, providing complete and accurate information, and understanding coverage limits are pivotal in ensuring that claims are processed smoothly and without unnecessary delay. Discrepancies or disagreements with the insurer should be faced with patience and the readiness to seek professional advice if a settlement seems unfair.