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Published on April 02, 2024
Austin Property Owners Near Light Rail Targeted for Land Development Code HearingsSource: Ryan Friesen, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Austin residents, get ready to weigh in - the city's in the throes of a major makeover of its Land Development Code, and your mailbox might clue you in sooner than you think. The big news here is that some commercial and industrial property owners near the new light rail are set to get a jarring notice, according to a recent statement, that flat out says: "The City of Austin is holding a hearing that will determine whether you may lose the right to continue using your property for its current use."

But before panic sets in, understand that your home sweet home, those single-family dwellings, won't feel the heat from the changes. The target is on businesses like car lots and storage facilities that don't jibe with the transit-friendly vibe the city's gunning for. They're planning to break bread at the city hall on April 11, as a Watson Wire bulletin pointed out these notices aren't pranks, these are about the future steps toward addressing Austin's pressing housing crisis and bolstering public transit access.

Not only will existing businesses be allowed to keep on keeping on, despite not conforming with the new code, but you'll also see some additional shake-ups. We're talking revised regulations for the usual one-housing-unit lots, new rules for electric vehicle charging property, and tweaks to building height and placement norms. And to make sure the word gets out, aside from the mandatory notifications, Austin's splashing the news across social media and various media outlets too.

Got something to say? You better speak up at the public hearings happening on April 11, April 23, and April 30, with the city council casting its final votes come May 16, as per the Watson Wire. And if you miss the memo in the Statesman - yup, they dropped the ball and it's going up just seven days before the meeting - there's still a shot to learn the ropes at the open houses slated for April 17 and 20; just don't forget to RSVP.