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Published on April 02, 2024
Biden's Direct Call with Xi Addresses Taiwan Tensions, Trade Tribulations, and Tech Troubles on the AgendaSource: Wikipedia/Adam Schultz, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

President Joe Biden picked up the phone for a heart-to-heart with China's President Xi Jinping, the White House disclosed earlier today, following up their November tête-à-tête in California. Biden's agenda touched on cooperation areas such as counternarcotics and military communications while also tackling the thorny issues of trade practices and regional security.

In the conversation, coded in diplomatic speak as "candid and constructive," Biden homed in on sensitive spots like the flashpoint of Taiwan and the contentious South China Sea. According to a White House statement, Biden underscored the dire need for "maintaining peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait" while asserting the U.S. stance on freedom of navigation, which some in the global community have seen as under challenge.

Beijing's ties with Moscow came under the spotlight too, with Biden expressing unease over China’s lifeline to Russia's defense industry amid the ongoing European security dance. While asserting full commitment to stripping the Korean Peninsula of nukes, Biden also aired grievances over China's trade tactics, which he argued hit home for American workers and families.

National security took center stage as well, with the President stressing the balancing act of protecting advanced U.S. tech from exploitation while not strangling trade and investment. Both leaders agreed, as per the report, to keep the diplomatic channels flowing, with high-profile visits by Secretary Yellen and Secretary Blinken on the horizon meant to keep the US-China dialogue alive.