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Published on April 22, 2024
Blaine Police Department Highlights Career of Veteran Detective Tom JohannSource: Facebook/Blaine Police Department

Blaine Police Department shined a spotlight on one of their long-standing detectives, Tom Johann, in a recent social media post that gave the community a closer look at the man who has been wearing the badge for nearly three decades. Detective Johann started his tenure with the City of Blaine Police Department (BPD) back in 1995, and in an employee profile published by Blaine Police Department's official Facebook page, he shared his journey and the various roles he has undertaken within the department, including Patrol Officer, School Liaison Officer, and Detective on the Drug Task Force.

Hailing from Coon Rapids, Johann was drawn to law enforcement serendipitously through an elective class in college. Initially slated to start with the Minneapolis academy, he opted for Blaine, closer to home. His prior roles before joining the force have been as diverse as a cook and a security guard, bringing a breadth of life experience to his role. “I have been a police officer for over 28 years and a Detective since 2005. There isn’t a lot that I haven’t been a part of, so being able to draw on that experience to help my peers is my biggest contribution at this point in my career,” Johann said.

Within the department, Johann has been a touchstone for experience and guidance. Despite the changes and the years, Detective Johann finds motivation from a picture of a young girl tacked on his office's wall. “I keep it there to remind me why we do what we do and to remind me how grateful her family was for the work my partners and I did to help her get justice,” he shared.

Balance for Johann comes with the help of his significant other and a mix of friends from both inside and outside the law enforcement community. As a 50-year-old veteran among his peers, Johann remains a committed part of the tapestry at BPD, which he credits for providing the best training and equipment and fostering a supportive environment for continuous professional development. “Our department has always encouraged our officers to seek out whatever training and experience they need to meet their specific career goals,” Johann said in the department's profile.

When he's not serving the community or mentoring his fellow officers, Johann indulges in classic pastimes like hunting, fishing, and golf. And in a touch of human connection amid his often tough exterior, Johann admits he can be a softy, with tear-jerker movies and TV shows tugging at his heartstrings. His guiding philosophy is straightforward and to the point: “You can’t hit the ball if you don’t swing the bat.” A sentiment that reverberates through his decades-spanning tenure with BPD and his life beyond the badge.